Everyone deserves to understand the information presented to them and deserves the opportunity to communicate their needs and wants.

Nowhere is this more critical than in the health and legal fields in which medical and legal options need to be clearly communicated and understood, and medical and legal decisions carefully and precisely presented. 

SOC Language Solutions specializes in providing translation, on-site interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation, and video remote interpretation services for small business, healthcare, and legal settings. We take great pride in providing the highest quality services with the most knowledgeable, accommodating, and reliable translators and interpreters available.


The healthcare industry is a rapidly evolving industry. Medical sciences advance and introduce new treatment options; with such an introduction means new terminology and medical concepts. Regulations and laws are changing; new regulations can fundamentally alter ways in which medical services are provided. The demographics are changing with limited English proficiency (LEP) speakers becoming a larger part of American society. This presents a greater need for language services.

SOC Language Solutions provides language solutions specifically for the healthcare industry. Whether you need a patient consent form translator or need an interpreter in a clinical setting, SOC Language Solutions has trained, certified linguists to fulfill your healthcare translation and interpretation needs.  

Successful communication with your patients is no longer a benefit, it’s an obligation. The Joint Commission and federal law now require health care facilities to provide patients lacking English proficiency with an interpreter at all points of care. It is an enormous challenge, but we are experts in closing the language gap in the healthcare field. We have been a contracted provider for the WellStar Health System since 1998, serving staff and patients throughout 11 hospitals, three health parks, and hundreds of physician group providers. Onsite interpretation continues to be the most efficient and accurate method of communication between a limited-English speaker and his or her caregiver. 


SOC Language Solutions is a specialist in legal translation and interpretation. Whether it’s a legal contract, court hearings, or depositions that require language services, SOC Language Solutions can translate and interpret in over 100 language combinations.

Our legal interpreters are professionals certified through the Georgia Commission on Court Interpreter program. 


All of SOC Language Solutions’ medical interpreters are in compliance with the code of ethics and standards as developed by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care. We encourage everyone to be familiar with these important documents that appear in the links below.

National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care

National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care