SOC Language Solutions provides a state-of-the art, telephonic interpretation solution. Each of our customers is provided with a unique toll-free number, which allows access to more than 200 languages. 

Our call center is available 24 hours day, 7 days a week. We offer a quick connection time to enable the caller to speak to a highly qualified telephonic interpreter. 

Is over-the-phone interpretation right for you?

Over-the-phone interpretation may be the right solution if:

  • The interpretation service needed is for a short duration.

  • The language is rare, and thus more difficult to place an onsite interpreter.

  • There is an unscheduled, immediate need for interpretation service.

SOC’s rigorous quality program 

Our unique, consultative approach to language solutions anticipates customers’ needs and delivers quality solutions that solve real-world problems. Our interpreters and translators are vetted not only for their important linguistic skills, but also to determine that they understand our company’s values and agree with our approach to provider and patient satisfaction. 




At SOC, we’re bridging the language gap one person at a time.